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Yes! Rosetti and others were involved in designing stained glass.

In tracing my family tree discovered some interesting facts about Millais. {my family originally from Jersey}. Anyways long story short, they had a bit of a castle,{Rozel}, title{Seigneurs & Lords of the Fee} }and their own chapel. They knew the Millais family and gave him a letter of introduction to The Royal Academy where Millais was accepted to study art.
At some point Millais designed the stained glass for their chapel. This is the Millais stained glass at Rozel Chapel from the interior,

and the exterior

{I have more photos of the castle and grounds & Jersey if anyone is interested - tho is slightly off topic for this community}.

There are several works by Millais at the Jersey Heritage Trust if anyone is interested. Including the portrait of Lily Langtree which caused a major stir at the time.

Millais continued his interest in stained glass into his paintings...as in this one...Mariana -1851.

the window in this painting by Millais.. was copied from those in Merton College Chapel, Oxford.

Millais was close friends with William Holman Hunt, & Rossetti, and they founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in 1848. Their ideals were shaped and inspired by a lecture of the art critic John Ruskin. By 1861 they had founded "The Firm" which also included William Morris, Ford Maddox Brown architect Phillip Webb, Burne-Jones, engineer P.P. Webb and C.J. Faulkner. All of whom did glass painting {stained glass}.

Although today many of the group's enthusiasms, passions and tragedies may seem to have a comic side, in its art the group was serious and industrious. For stained glass alone, Morris and Ford Madonx Brown each produced a 150 cartoons, Rossetti did 36 and Burne-Jones did hundreds.

When the original partnership was dissolved in 1875 and re-formed, Burne-Jones and Morris remained together.

You can see The Vyner Memorial Window by Burne-Jones here

windows by william morris, rosetti and ford maddox brown

If anyone is interested in stained glass and its history etc - this book below is a good starting point {and wonderfully illustrated}. and has chapters on symbolism and the Pre-Raphaelite movement.

"Stained Glass" by Lawrence Lee, George Seddon & Francis Stephens. Colporteur Press.1982. Australia.


The Pallor of Strange Tears: Symbolist Poetry, Art

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